Recruiting Training

The fall recruiting campaign focuses on recruiting new families to the fun and adventures of Cub Scouting. For resources, visit the council and national websites. Table tents are available to use during your recruiting night. Fall recruiting training will be held at August roundtable and in the spring.

Recruiting Nights

Ideas on how to produce a successful rally:

  • School visits (classrooms, lunchrooms, recess, etc.).
  • Send fliers home from school to all prospective members.
  • Posters in schools, businesses, community organizations, etc.
  • Put Cub Scouting messages on marquees at schools, subdivisions, and businesses.
  • Set up a booth at “Meet the Teacher” nights, open houses and charter partner events.
  • Post yard signs in every Cub Scout family’s yard.
  • Public address announcement at the school on the day of the rally.
  • Articles in local newspapers, subdivision newsletters, and chartered partner newsletters.
  • Have Cub Scouts wear their uniforms on the day of the rally.
  • Plan a second event (e.g., pack meeting) to invite prospective Cub Scouts. Use the second chance fliers.

Spring Recruiting: Packs are also encouraged to hold spring recruiting eventsRecruiting events can be any sort of fun activity that would entice elementary-aged youth to check out Scouting. This can be simply inviting potential recruits to an already scheduled summer pack activity, or it can be a separate event focused primarily on recruiting. Invite newly recruited Scouts to attend day camp and pack summer events. Sometimes we think we can only recruit in the fall, but spring is a great time to get new Tigers and their families involved early. The council provides a variety of support materials for packs, including fliers.

Request Recruiting Night Fliers

But what about the Scouts in troops, crews and ships? March is the perfect month to have an open house to invite friends and other potential Scouts for the opportunity to see what your unit. Resources:

District Membership Committee Volunteers Needed

The continued growth of the program in our area is achieved through the efforts of many volunteers. Currently, the membership committee has several positions open and is looking for volunteers interested in promoting membership in the Scouting program. Interested volunteers, please contact the district membership chair or district executive for more information.

  • Fall/Spring Committee Chair: This positions works closely with the committee chair and is responsible for helping existing units carry out their recruiting campaign and encouraging community organizations to use the Scouting program.
  • Webelos to Boy Scout Transition Chair: A large number of Cub Scouts do not move to a troop each year. This positions will contact all packs in early fall to update the list of all fifth -grade Webelos with a goal of 100 percent Webelos Scout transition.
  • New Unit Organizer: To better serve the youth of our community and to respond to population growth this positions will become familiar with the 12-step new unit organization process and follow it in order to ensure that new units start the right way.
  • Venturing Transition Chair: The Venturing program is aimed at meeting the needs of older male and female youth. This positions will contact all troops in the spring and encourage older youth to stay involved and join a Venturing crew.

new recruitment resourcesRecruitment efforts take place throughout the year. Packs conduct a coordinated effort to enroll new members in the spring and fall. Troops, crews and ships recruit youth year-round.

Studies have shown that families/youth prefer to attend meetings close to their neighborhood. Recruiting events are put on by packs, troops and crews throughout the local community. This will help ensure that every youth is invited to join Scouting.

Our main objective is to give multiple joining opportunities to ensure that every youth is invited to join Scouting, and to fulfill BSA's promise to new Scouts for a great Scouting program. Adventure is calling - join Scouting! Of course, the best recruiter for any unit is an excited Scout engaged in the Scouting program who invites a friend to join Scouting. Recognize those youth who recruit Scouts with the Recruiter Strip.


For additional information or questions about membership, contact the district membership chair or district executive.